Vax TBT3V1F1 Blade Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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. The Cordless Blade 24V Pro has been designed for perfection; not only does it perform as good as it looks but due to its slim sleek lightweight design it literally glides across carpets and hardfloors making cleaning effortless.Its dynamic and ergonomic design makes it a smooth yet speedy transition switching from floor to handheld cleaning. This machine really is a perfect companion for powerful effortless lightweight everyday cleaning! Powerful multi-surface cleaningVax’s specially designed floorhead has been intended for optimal pick-up performance on every floortype. Direct Helix Technology. TM The floor cleaning head and Direct Helix TechnologyTM optimise airflow at all angles to maximise performance and efficiency. Detachable HandheldThe Vax Blade 24v Pro will effortlessly glide across floors and much more. Vax’s innovative detachable handheld is perfect for stairs pet hair removal cars and upholstery cleaning. The cleaning wand is ideal to elevate into those hard to reach areas whether up high down low or in-between. 35 Minute RuntimeThe Lithium battery carries a 35 minute runtime giving you enough suction power and time to clean your whole home without re-charging. SMART Control™The innovative Vax SMART Control™ dial is designed to offer a smarter more efficient way of cleaning instantly informing you of how much power you have left. Direct Helix Technology™The Vax Blade 24v Pro has Direct Helix Technology™ which provides three-dimensional support inside the horizontal dirt bin intersecting the cleaning wand giving a direct air path from the floor to the cyclone for maximum performance and efficiency. Boost ModeExtra suction power for picking up stubborn dirt pet hair and for use in high traffic areas around your home. For the full 35 minute runtime switch to normal mode. This gives you enough power to clean your whole home in one go. Multi-Floor CleaningVax’s unique horizontal cylinder is specially designed to provide a balanced feel whilst optimising performance in any cleaning orientation this combined with the multi handle position on the handheld offers a comfortable lightweight experience allowing you to tackle those tricky to clean angles with ease. Key Features . 35 minutes of long lasting performance24V Lithium battery technology for long lasting performanceMulti-floor cleaningSlim sleek lightweight machine with a dynamic detachable handheldPet/stair tool includedIncludes a 2-in-1 tool (crevice and dusting brush)Lithium battery with 4 hour charging time0.6L dust bin. .

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