Samsung RS52N3313SA No Frost Side-by-side Fridge Freezer With Non-plumbed Water Dispenser – Silver

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Total No FrostWhy defrost a fridge? Our Total No Frost feature maintains an even temperature preventing ice build-up and saving you the hassle of defrosting. All-Around CoolingAll-Around Cooling ensures that items on every shelf and compartment remain evenly chilled. Strategically placed vents circulate cool air everywhere inside the fridge and the freezer to maintain an even and constant temperature that helps food stay fresh longer. Digital Inverter CompressorAt the heart of this refrigerator is a Digital Inverter Compressor that intelligently varies its power and running speed according to how much cooling is needed. Unlike a conventional compressor this one doesn’t stop and start abruptly so it consumes less energy and there’s less noise and wear and tear – so it lasts longer. Stay worry-free with our 10 year warranty on the Digital Inverter Compressor. Non-plumbed water dispenserGet chilled filtered water on tap thanks to the non-plumbed filtered water dispenser. Power FreezePower Freeze rapidly lowers the temperature of the freezer once new items have been added to ensure food is kept fresh and stored safely. Door AlarmWith saving energy a priority for many this feature triggers an alarm when the door remains open for too long. This warning ensures less cold air escapes the fridge preserving your foods for longer whilst saving you energy. Vacation ModeVacation mode keeps your fridge running efficiently in low mode so it uses less energy. It powers down the fresh food section of the fridge leaving the freezer running normally keeping all your frozen foods stored safely. Child LockChild Lock provides peace of mind with the little ones running around ensuring they can’t access your fridge without your permission. Wine RackThe chrome wine rack provides an elegant storage solution and allows more space on your shelves for other groceries. Key Features . American styleA+ Energy ratingNon-plumbed water dispenserTotal No FrostEven temperature throughout the compartmentDigital Inverter Compressor – quieter and more efficient operation guaranteed for 10 yearsPower Freeze to rapidly freeze new items to lock in nutrientsDoor alarmvacation modeChild lockWine rack. .

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