Samsung 27″ C27F390 Monitor FreeSync Curved

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A viewing experience that’s easy on the eyes All of Samsung’s curved monitors include a host of features that further reduce reflectance and visual fatigue enabling users to view their screens for longer periods. The CF390 displays leverage Samsung’s flicker-free technology to prevent interruptions that can strain users’ eyes. A complementary Eye Saver Mode setting further protects audiences from exposure to harmful blue light emissions. To benefit gamers and at-home entertainment users all three displays include embedded AMD FreeSync technology over HDMI functionality that synchronizes screen refresh rates with users’ AMD graphics cards to reduce input latency stutter and lag when viewing interactive video content. To deliver a more uniform presentation Samsung’s CF390 monitors offer a wide 178-degree viewing angle. This expanded visibility ensures that users can enjoy the full visual detail scope from multiple locations in the room with less eye movement required. Rich vibrant color presentation By combining its optimized curvature and wide-angle viewing with premium color presentation and accuracy maintenance features Samsung’s curved displays bring even the most minor visual details to life – even in traditionally environments for watching movies and playing video games. The displays’ 3000 1 static contrast ratio is nearly three times higher than that of standard monitor alternatives and presents content with deeper blacks and more pristine whites. All three curved monitors are reinforced with Samsung’s industry-leading Vertical Alignment (VA) panel technology to reduce backlight bleed and produce a more complete high-quality picture. For gaming users Samsung’s Game mode setting automatically adjusts picture conditions to become lighter or darker as dictated by gameplay while also minimizing screen stuttering and tearing. These benefits combined with the displays’ tight curve radius give gamers a sense that the screen is surrounding them to inspire a more realistic experience. A sleek stylish design Samsung’s CF390 curved monitors feature a boundless thin-bezel design that eliminates viewing borders and draws audiences into a distraction-free environment. This sophisticated boundless design facilitates the illusion that on-screen content is floating in mid-air and fosters a more immersive and captivating presentation. Additionally Samsung’s monitors are built to be both practical and attractive making them a compatible addition to any desktop or home entertainment setting. All three displays feature a metallic silver front and glossy white back that accentuate their curved structure. A circular stand elevates the look of the displays’ base while simultaneously providing stable support. Likewise CF390 users can easily adjust their screen to the ideal height and viewing angle with the displays’ ergonomic tilt and swivel components. An all-in-one entertainment center Through amplified sound quality and versatile connectivity the CF390 displays transform on-screen content into a multi-sensory experience..

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