LG 49SM5KD 49 Full HD LED Large Format Display

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. The SM5KD Series webOS signage allows for customized apps that are easy to create using LG’s Software Development Kit. The built-in Wi-Fi and SoC reduce the total cost of ownership and simplify installation allowing you to manage content more conveniently. The SM5KD series strengthens capability in supporting various network-based protocols.This display features the brand new version of LG’s WebOS 3.0 platform which provides powerful and convenient creation tools including app development materials. Built-In to this display is a high-performance System on Chip Smart Platform this enables you to execute several tasks at the same time and provides smooth content playback. Other features on this display include PBP/PIP (Picture In/By Picture) enabling you to compose various layouts within your display.Make use of the Built-In Soft AP Wi-Fi for content mirroring or control the display remotely. This display features BEACON which enables retail stores to provide coupons to customers in real time. As with most LG Screens you can count on reliablity with 24/7 guaranteed performance with dust and humidity protection. Mount in either Landscape or Portrait and detach the logo at the bottom when re-positioned for the best look.Integrated CMS (Contents Management System) enables you to edit contents check your schedule and use group manager function etc without a separate PC. It is one-stop system that enables you to manage the signage. As all of its unique functions are indexed in EZ setting you can enjoy convenient access to setting for efficient management..

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