Bosch SPV2HKX39G Serie 2 Slimline 9 Place Fully Integrated Dishwasher

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. Serie 2 Fully-integrated dishwasher 45 cm Take the guesswork out of cleaning.Different loads of washing require different wash settings. Choosing the incorrect programme not only wastes time but also water and energy. Bosch automatic programmes automatically regulate the water temperature and rinse time during washing to suit the level of soiling and load volume. This means with automatic programmes you only use as much water as needed for perfect results. The right wash for every load – all at the touch of a button. InfoLight® -a light that tells you when your dishwasher is runningInfoLight® projects a red light onto the floor during the wash cycle so you know when your dishwasher is running. The light turns off when dishes are ready. Your appliance listens to you.Thanks to partnering with Amazon Alexa your dishwasher can be controlled by voice as well. Please find out if the relevant “Home Connect” skill within the Alexa app is available for your country and; language. Activate the respective skill to establish the connection between Amazon Alexa and your home appliance. Glass protectionGlass protection for gentle care for your glasses and delicate dishes. Because soft water causes glass corrosion Bosch dishwashers with glass protection regulate the degree of hardness. This is how we optimize the protection of valuable glasses and delicate china with special care. The dishwasher that keeps you in the loop.Waiting around for your dishwasher to finish can waste time and cause unnecessary stress. Especially for those with busy schedules. Home Connect puts your mind at ease and helps you be more productive with your time. If you wish push notifications can be sent from your dishwasher directly to your mobile device conveniently letting you know the current program status of your dishwasher as well as other useful information. Multitasking in and out of the home just got a little easier. The right recommendation for the right job.Selecting the right wash program for your dishwasher can not only be confusing but can often result in reduced cleaning performance. Home Connect with Easy Start function takes the guesswork out of this job and always recommends the right program to you – directly from your mobile device. The only thing you need to do is enter the degree of soiling type and quantity of the dishes or cutlery being washed. So you can easily choose the right program for perfect results cycle after cycle. The dishwasher that keeps count for you.Running out of dishwasher tablets is the last thing you want when you need clean dishes. The Tab Counter on the Home Connect app tracks your consumption and informs you via push notification when you’re down to your last five tablets according to your last purchase. Finally a dishwasher that looks after itself. Heat Exchanger energy efficient and hygienic drying systemDishwashers with heat exchangers treat precious glasses and porcelain with particular care and no risks. Water is pre-heated in the rinsing tank to avoid any temperature shocks. DuoPower gentle cleaning optimum results.In addition to the spray arm on the bottom DuoPower the double spray arm in the upper basket ensures that dishes are optimally cleaned. The two ergonomically designed spray arms ensure targeted water circulation reaching every corner of the dishwasher interior. Due to this precision control each rinse cycle is particularly gentle on glasses and dishes. The perfect cleaner that never wastes a drop.Not all washing loads are the same so why should each cycle automatically use the same amount of water? The LoadSensor feature uses a rotary speed sensor to detect the load weight and water level so that only the required amount of water is used. For example smaller loads require less water for rinsing so less water is added whereas fu

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