AEG T7DBG832R 8kg Freestanding Heat Pump Tumble Dryer-White

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What stands out Specially designed drum increases airflow reducing creases and tangling for better careDries at half the temperature and time compared to a conventional dryer protecting fabricsYou choose when the dryer starts helps avoid laundry from sitting gathering creases and odourSelect how dry you want your laundry to be from iron ready to ready to wearAutomatically adjusts drying time and energy usage to suit every load sizeFuss-free filter cleaning with just one easy clean OKOFlow filter to take care of The detailsThis AEG tumble dryer works hard to protect and care for your clothes maintaining that like new feeling of clothes for as long as possible. It uses low temperatures without extending drying time to ensure fabrics are never subject to unnecessary heat. As it’s a heat pump tumble dryer you’ll be able to place it anywhere in the home there’s no need to vent out to the exterior of your home plus it’s the most energy efficient choice when it comes to choosing a tumble dryer.With an 8kg drum capacity it’s ideal for family laundry loads. It features a specially designed ProTex drum that provides the most efficient airflow and it gives your garments room to stretch out for less tangling and creasing. The improved airflow design means the machine can dry your garments faster and more efficiently than a conventional heat pump dryer even though the drying time will be shorter. Whether you’re drying a few items or a weeks’ worth of laundry the dryer uses temperature and humidity sensors to adjust the drying time and energy usage to suit the specific laundry load this saves time and energy whilst protecting garments from heat they may not need.With a delay start option you can decide when the dryer starts this way you can avoid leaving your laundry sitting for long periods of time after the cycle has finished avoiding any musty odours or creases developing. You’re also able to choose the level of dryness you’d like for your fabrics by using the large dial control. Choose from ‘iron ready’ which leaves clothes slightly damp to ‘extra dry’ where garments are ready to wear straight out of the machine. With a clear LCD display it’s much easier to programme this dryer and it will give you clear feedback on programmes.When it comes to cleaning it’s much simpler than with a conventional dryer. It has a fuss free OKOFlow filter system which is extremely efficient and very easy to reach and clean. Conventional dryers generally have more than one filter that requires cleaning. Rated A+ for energy efficiency this machine works hard to reduce your energy bills whilst being environmentally friendly. On average it will cost £103 per year to run that’s just 28p per dayEssential info . Dimensions . H85 x W60 x D60 cm Type . Heat pump condenser dryer Drum drying capacity . 8kg Tank capacity . 5.28L Energy rating . A+ More info SensiDry technology ensures fabrics aren’t subject to unnecessary heatroSense technology saves time and energy adjusting to suit the load sizeLCD display provides clear feedback on programmesDelay start optionTime controlled dryingProTex soft drumConditioning actiwear duvet Bedlinen Cottons Easy iron Mix Silk Sport Synthetics WoolCotton Program Cupboard dry plus Extra dry Iron drySynthetics Program Cupboard dry Extra dry Iron dryLeft door hinge (can be reversed)Noise level 66 dBAnnual energy consumption 309 kWhCondensation efficiency BFuse 13AFrequency 50HzOptional stacking kit and direct drain hose are available for this dryer but are not included .

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