AEG RCB736E5MB CustomFlex Frost Free Freestanding Fridge Freezer – Black Stainless Steel

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. The Cooling 360 fridge is designed for food protection and preservation. Air circulation vents ensure a consistent cool reaches every corner. As well as the swift return to an optimal temperature after the door has been opened. Enjoy your favourite foods for longer and throw away less.The fridge’s sleek contemporary design is brought to life with quality materials. For a seamless modern kitchen.Keeping all your fresh ingredients to hand is key to creating fresh delicious dishes. With CustomFlex you can organise your fridge storage just the way you want. Rearrange bins quickly and easily to maximise storage space. The fridge that adapts after your taste.Slow down the maturation of your favourite cheeses and cold cuts by storing them in the Extra Chill drawer. The zone maintains a lower temperature than the rest of the fridge.Ten-year warranty on the Inverter Compressor provides maximum peace of mind. The warranty includes labour transportation gas removal and refilling general maintenance and service costs. Key Features . Advanced cooling. Superior food protection. With Cooling 360Let your kitchen stand out with the outstanding DesignLine.Adaptable for every taste with CustomFlexExtra Chill drawer. For delicate fresh cutsInverter Compressor – Ten years peace of mind. .

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