AEG IAE64411FB 60cm SenseBoil Four MaxiSense Zone Induction Hob – Black With Bevelled Edges

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. There are more exciting things to do than watching water boil. Let the SenseBoil induction hob assist. It detects rising bubbles and automatically reduces to a low simmer. No more constant monitoring. So the focus can be on what matters most. Fine-tuning those flavours. Mastering that menu. Boiling Water Under Control With The Boil SensorThe Boil Sensor detects rising bubbles and automatically adjusts the temperature settings reducing it to a controlled simmer. No more monitoring. Saving both time and energy. Hob2Hood – Cook without distractionsThis hob has Hob2Hood a useful feature that automatically controls your cooker hood and lights. It means you don’t get distracted by trying to regulate the fan when you’re at crucial cooking moments you can simply concentrate on getting your dish right.But if you’d rather adjust the fan speed yourself there are manual controls on the hob too. Perfect Control’Direktouch’ controls use the very latest digital technology to ensure precise heat selection. The Adaptable Surface For Every PanThe MaxiSense induction hob has self-sizing cooking zones. That means each zone detects the sizes and shapes of the pans you’re using however large or small and sends immediate heat to fit their bases exactly. So you have complete control and the hob responds just the way you need it to. Intense Rapid HeatNo more waiting around for pots to boil. The PowerBoost button gives you an instant burst of heat that boils water in under 90 seconds* that’s even faster than an electric kettle. It’s perfect for tasks like boiling potatoes and other quick cooking jobs too like searing meat. Key Features . SenseBoil The zone operates on the highest setting in the beginning and then reduces down to a simmerHob2Hood gives the hob control of a compatible hood’s lights and fan speed so you don’t need to think about it and can focus on your foodDirektouch touch controls are a simply and elegant way of controlling your hobMaxiSense zones allow you to place the pan anywhere over the central point and still delivers the heat directly to the pan’s baseResidual heat indicators let you know when there is residual heat left on the hob surfacePowerful booster can boil water in as little as 90 seconds15 stage digital power level displaysChild safety control lock To maximise kitchen safety this lock can be activated to prevent the hob from being turned on accidentallyControl lock This will prevent any alteration or activation of the hob’s settings; simply lock the controls once the cooking functions have been selected. It can also be used to lock the hob in the off position for added safetyDimensions (mm) H44 x W590 x D520Cut out dimensions (mm) W560+1 x D490+1. .

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