AEG HGB75500SM 75cm Five Burner Gas Hob – Stainless Steel

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What stands out Five burners mean this gas hob offers plenty of spaceThe powerful multi-crown burner helps lock in flavourCast-iron pan supports offer durability and securityIts smooth surface is extremely easy to keep cleanAuto-ignition makes this hob quick and easy to lightIf the flame dies safety devices stop the flow of gas The detailsHigh Efficiency speed burners for quick cooking and up to 20% energy savings. Cook with intense heat using the powerful multi-crown gas burner. Add a professional finish to your hob with cast iron pan supports. Quick and effortless access to powerful heat via the integrated ignition knobs. Automatic shut-off after 4 hours or if flame goes outA Speed Burner gas hob is 20% faster helping you apply the right heat for flawless taste. The burners allow you to regulate speed so your wok or pasta always gets exactly the heat it needs. No more. No less.The design of the speed burners in this AEG gas hob allows the flame to directly target the bottom of the pan providing quicker heat and greater efficiency. These high speed burners get you cooking up to 20% faster.Experience fuller flavour in your favourite dishes with the powerful multi-crown gas burner. It generates intense direct heat – ideal for searing seafood and locking in mouth-watering stir-fry flavours. Wok cooking mastered.Add a professional look to your kitchen with cast iron grid supports on the hob. The sturdy premium material is hard-wearing and can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth.Gain quick effort-free access to powerful heat with integrated ignition. With no need for matches or lighter. Each burners flame can be sparked at the twist of a dial. So you can get cooking quicker. Up to 20% more power and speedNew generation of BurnersPowerful heat with the multi-crown burnerCast iron pan supportEffortless integrated ignitionSafety guaranteed thanks to automatic shut-off .

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