AEG FSE21200P Integrated 6 Place Compact Dishwasher – White

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No more hand washing during your partySmall apartment big party? With the AEG Compact dishwasher there’s no need to wash up between courses. The 20-minute party program does the cleaning for you. So you can always have order in your kitchen. A+ class – 11% more efficient than A-class comparing the classesWash each dish with greater energy efficiency with this A+ class dishwasher. Appliances rated A+ use 11% less energy than A-class ones comparing the classes. Dimensions Product (H)438mm x (W)550mm x (D)500mm Key Features . Compact dishwasherTime remaining indicatorA class cleaning performanceA class drying performanceSymbols indicating progressCapacity 6 place settings3 digit display6.5 litres water consumptionResidual dryingDelay startEconomy 55°C with prerinseEco energy saving 55°C washNormal 65°C washSalt and; rinse aid indicatorsEnergy efficiency recommended6.5 litres – more economical than washing by handExtra quiet dishwasher – 50 dB(A)A class energy efficiencyResidual dryingNew metallic grey basketsRinse aid and salt indicatorsEco 55°C with pre-rinse. .

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